Self-Organizing Systems

SwissGL/GPU: tiny libraries for tiny and beautiful programs on the web

ALIFE 2024 Tutorial

Organizers: Alexander Mordvintsev

Keywords: webgl, webgpu, gpu, shaders, particle systems, self-organization, cellular automata

Artificial Life is beautiful to watch and fascinating to interact with, and the modern Web has graphics and compute capabilities to share this beauty with the world. Over the last few years I developed a number of GPU-powered Web-native interactive ALife simulations, including Neural Cellular Automata and various agent-based systems. My experience culminated in a few principles of building expressive minimalist GPU API abstraction layers, that facilitate development of interactive simulations and visualizations, and led to the development of SwissGL/GPU library.

In this presentation I’m going to give a hands-on introduction into GPU programming for ALife by going through a number of examples built with a minimal set of tools and amount of code.

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